Large, realistic, temporary tattoos hand-drawn by Cari Gnam.

I’m a visual artist and graphic designer. I grew up in Northern Virginia and currently reside in Miami. I’ve been fascinated with tattoos since I was a kid, and used to have my friends in middle school schedule appointments during recess and lunch time to have me draw tattoos on them with markers.

This practice was revived again in high school, and friends would gather around me, taking turns getting Sharpie tattoos at parties. One of my best friends even had me draw large purple orchids on her back for her prom night.

I started realizing how much people enjoy wearing and changing temporary tattoos for events and special occasions. Soon I began printing my original artwork on the best quality temporary tattoo paper I could find.

As much as I loved dreaming of real tattoos to get, I realized that my personality is much better suited for temporary tattoos, because I change my mind a lot, and wearing new and different tattoos every weekend is a lot more fun.

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