Ornate Henna Temporary Tattoo Set for the Hands


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This listing is for a set of henna temporary tattoos, designed for the hands. The design is hand drawn by me.

The kit includes 2 main pieces for each hand, and small designs for each finger. (In total, that's 14 pieces to the set.)

They may be arranged in other ways, and placed anywhere.

This set is available in black or brown.

The triangular piece is about 3.5" wide. The piece pictured on the wrist is 3.5" tall with the rounded dome shape is about 2" at its widest point, with enough length on the 'belted' part to fit around most wrists and still have extra to snip off. (in the photos, I used that extra piece and placed it under the triangular piece.)

Temp-Tats are ornate, unique and realistic.


•Applies like a regular temporary tattoo, just press it on with a sponge.

•Lasts for up to a week or more depending on conditions and placement location. Quite often, Temp-Tats last on me for 2 full weeks with just slight visible wear. Your order will include detailed instructions for application, removal, and tips to make it last as long as possible.

•To keep your Temp-Tat pristine, keep it dry. They can withstand some light splashes of water, and when fully submerged or soaked in the shower, the design will still be there, but will become slightly sticky and less shiny. To keep your henna on as long as possible, I recommend using hand sanitizer as oppose to regular hand washing, during the duration you want it to look it's best. Rub the hand sanitizer only on your palms, not directly over the tattoo.

•Some people find these useful for deciding on placement for a real tattoo.

•Temp-Tats are made with the very best quality and most realistic tattoo paper I can find. They should be used within a few months of receiving them and stored in a dry, cool, dark place.

•If you’re interested in this design in a different size, just send me a message here on Etsy and I’d be happy to create it for you.


[Occasionally I accept custom orders depending on the design, the quality of the image, or if the request is to draw something from scratch. So feel free to contact me and we can discuss your idea. Prices would vary depending on the time it takes me to create your tattoo as well as the size. I can print words or script for you as well.]

The henna tat is gorgeous!!! Putting them on this week for my trip to Vegas!!!! Thank you !! I’ll send you a pic

Exactly what I was looking for. Fast shipping.

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